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12. The Tutor 6-Pack

This real estate license tutoring service is designed to cater to the individual requiring special 1:1 support with a more kinesthetic learning style. Our tutoring package is a “NEW” concept in the world of pre-licensing where approved-only instructors spend six hours of time with you one on one to help you achieve your goal of passing the California Real Estate State exam.

06. Prep Practice | WC

This Prep Practice is a Web Class designed to support the student who has completed all three required courses and wants to practice Keywords and Prep Questions for the State Examination.

06. Prep Practice Plus | WC

This Group Practice is a Web Class designed to support the student in completing all three required courses and passing the final Exams.

You will receive a physical copy of the 1-Day Prep Student manual the day of class, for a replacement copy click the link below.

You can select a physical textbook add on of your course here:

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12. The Tutor 6-Pack

You can access and conclude this course after the tutoring

Upsell Courses

05. Key Word Term Prep Questions | IND

The new course is Now Open. The first of its kind has over 900+ Key Words Terms to practice and are a critical success factor in passing all your exams.

04. 1100+ Prep Questions | IND

1100+ Prep Questions are your secrete weapon for confidently passing the California State Examination. We have created quizzes for you by category, question count, exam topic, and the Top 100 most important questions you should know!