Student Agreement

You must complete and submit the following student agreement before you can proceed with your courses.

I, ( ), under penalty of perjury, do hereby affirm and agree that I am a registered student of Agent Real Estate Schools Student Orientation, and the following courses:


and that I will personally complete each reading assignment, quiz and the final examination of the course(s).

I understand that my failure to comply with this agreement will result in revocation of completion certificate, and that such violation will be reported to my local real estate industry regulatory authorities.

Furthermore, I understand that the contents of the course(s) may not be copied, reproduced, resold or used by any other person. Unauthorized copying of this course is prohibited by U.S. copyright laws which provide substantial penalties for copyright infringement.

Final Exam Instructions – MUST READ

You will be allowed ONE attempt to take this final exam. Proceed only if you are prepared to complete all questions and submit your answers. All browser activity and control C+ features have been disabled. No copy or printing will be permissible and premature exits of any nature will automatically be submitted and scored. All unanswered questions will count as incorrect answers and the retake policy will apply. See Retake policy below.

Click the FINAL EXAM button below to open the exam and begin. When the exam opens, the timer starts and will not pause for any reason.

Once you have completed your last question, click the Finish Quiz button to calculate and display your progress details.

Number of Questions

The Final Exam is comprised of 100 multiple-choice questions.

Time Limit

The exam has a 2 Hour 30 Minute time limit. Questions not answered when time expires will be graded incorrect.


Immediately after you submit the exam, you will receive an on-screen report of your Progress Details. You must receive a score of 60% or better to pass the final exam.

Retake Policy

If you do not pass the Final Exam on the first try, you are allowed an immediate re-take of the Exam with a new set of questions. If you fail the re-take, you must complete the course again to include all unit questions and wait 2½ weeks (18 calendar days) before you can re-take the exam. Please be aware that the questions on the re-take exam will be a new set of questions.

Identification for Final Exam

A participant shall present one of the following forms of identification immediately before admittance to a live presentation of an offering or, immediately before the administration of the final examination for a correspondence offering:

  1. A current California driver license.
  2. A current identification card described in Section 13000 of the California Vehicle Code (Other ID).
  3. Any identification of the participant issued by a governmental agency or a recognized real estate related trade organization (Other ID) within the immediately preceding five years which bears a photograph, signature and identification number of the participant.

Note: Authority cited: Sections 10080 and 10170.4, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Section 10170.4, Business and Professions Code.

By entering one of the above forms of identification you are affirming, under penalty of perjury, that you are the student registered for this course and that you personally will complete the final examination. Any violation of this section will result in revocation of the completion certificate for this course and will be reported to the Department of Real Estate.

Please enter your California Driver License number or other qualifying identification (CA DL# is one letter, seven numbers – example: N1234567):

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